08/06/2008 12:29

Appleseed (Appurushido) in Animatrix Selection

Japan, 2004, 105 min
: Shinji Aramaki
Cast: Ai Kobayashi, Jurota Kosugi, Yuti Matsuoka, Asumi Miwa, Akimoto Tsubasa
Selection: Animatrix

Appleseed is an anime, directed by Shinji Aramaki and originally released in Japan in 2004. It is based on the characters of Appleased - manga series of comic books by Masamune Shiroe that was published in 1985. However, although it shares some characters with the original series, this film's and comics’ storylines are different.

The film shows a utopian society created on Earth after World War Three.

Legendary warrior, young Deunan Knute, after the war, under strange circumstances, finds herself in a utopian city of Olympus. Its population is half human and half clone, a genetically-engineered species called Bioroids made from the best technical components. As in Greek mythology, Olympus is governed by Prime Minister Athena, General Edward Uranus III, and the Council of Seven Elders. Yet everything in the city is observed by a creature of artificial intelligence named Gaia, which resides in a building called Tartarus, which is another allusion to the ancient Greek myth. Deunan integrates into the prestigious ESWAT organization to serve as the city's guardian. Soon, she discovers huge cracks in the foundations of the new social establishment, which can be fatal for the society, so she decides to take action…