15/05/2008 17:40

ANO UNA (YEAR OF THE NAIL) in New Latino Film Selection

Mexico, 2007, 78 min
Direction: Jonas Cuarón
Cast: Diego Catano, Eireann Harper, Salvador Elizondo, Michéle Alban, Cristina Orozco, Maiana Elizondo, Pía Elizondo, Emilia García
Awards: Special Artistic Achievement, Thessalonica Film Festival, 2007; nominations: Golden Alexander, Thessalonica Film Festival, 2007
Selection: New Latino Film

A movie called ANO UNA, directed by young Jonas Cuarón, is going to be shown in the program of New Latino Film Selection. In Thessalonica Film Festival, 2007, the movie won the award in the category of Special Artistic Achievement, and it was nominated for Golden Alexander award. Cuarón is the son of a famous film couple - Alfons Cuarón, a director who, among other awards, has been nominated for Oscar three times, and a well-known actress and screenplay writer, Marian Elizondo.

ANO UNA shows an impossible romance of a twenty-one-year-old American girl, Molly, and considerably younger boy, Diego, who is in the throes of puberty.

Molly travels to Mexico, where she rents a room in Diego's house, hitting it off immediately with the boy. Diego, who had previously been consumed by desire for his cousin, Emilia, redirects his obsession towards Molly, who enjoys Diego's flirtations, finding the attention and respect missing from her relations with other boyfriends. The relationship continues to grow until the time when Molly has to return home. Diego decides to run away and win Molly's heart. Filling the romantic fiction with realistic details, such as Diego’s early puberty, pictures of birthdays and funerals, Diego’s grandfather’s incurable disease, hospitals, and death, Cuarón expresses the basic idea of the movie, and that is the temporariness and inconsistency of things.

Jonas Cuarón was born in 1983 in Mexico City. He got his education in New York. In 2001, in cooperation with Colt Haussman, he writes a screenplay and directs a short film called 8 Stories, which won the prize in the category of best film, in U.S. National High School Film Festival. He directed quite successfully short films Un Disparejo (2003) and The Shock Doctrine (2007).

ANO UNA is his first movie that he wrote the screenplay for, directed it, edited, and was a co producer.