12/04/2010 16:07

ANIMATRIX selection!

One of the most visited and the most popular selection at Cinema City festival is Animatrix selection, a film oasis of superb animated achievements which equally fascinate both older and younger film lovers.

The perfect technologies and most creative styles of animation, imaginative stories and unforgettable heroes are just some of positive characteristics of film achievements which are included in this year’s programme.

This year, selector for Animatrix is Aleksa Gajić, director of first Serbian animated feature film „Technotise – Edit & I“ which delighted last year’s audience and received two recognitions, one for special contribution in development of Serbian cinematography and a special audience recognition for best film.

From technical aspect, “Technotise” is a combination of four types of animation, being aesthetically based on Japanese animas. By using common 2D, more advanced 3D and vector animation the film was completed in eight years. Three screenings of “Technotise – Edit & I” at last year’s Cinema City were visited by more than 7000 people!

This year, from 5th to 12th of June we’ll have an opportunity to view the must-see films from Animatrix selection which will be hand-picked by Aleksa Gajić and have great fun with some of the best animated achievements. Details on upcoming “animatrixes” – soon!