11/05/2009 17:36

Anadolu'nun Kayıp Şarkıları

Turkey, 2008, 97 min.
Director: Nezih Unen
Cast: Cemile Yildirim, Cetin Icten, Osman Turan, Osman Efendioglu, Cevahir Serbetci, Mustafa Metin, Cevdet Oztopal, Halil Er, Mehmet Bedel, Mehmet Celer, Kirtil Folk Music Ensemble, Muhammet Demir, Ceyhun Demir, Ismail Ozdemir, Denizli Zeybek Dancers, BehzatYurt, Ali Kara,Mehmet Demir, Madine Ozen, Orhan Karadagoglu, Mahmut Karatas, Sabri Yokus, Herkul Boncuk, Ali Bilgis...
Selection - Tribute: Contemporary Turkish Cinema

The Selection TRIBUTE: Contemporary Turkish Cinema will present a unique musical documentary called Lost Songs of Anatolia (Anadolu'nun Kayıp Şarkıları) by Nezih Unen. The film was created after 350 hours of editing as a result of a five-year-long difficult and creative exploration of cultural diversity of Anatolia. Musical performances of traditional tunes were recorded live and spontaneously at the filming location. Using modern arrangements, an original musical has developed, which shows how much music and culture of Anatolia depend on geographical region as well as on work and life of the people in that land.

Director Nezih Unen is a well-known producer, composer and singer in the world of music. Unusual fusion of different contemporary styles of various cultures gives his work a recognisable style. He has been a very successful producer of music videos and a score writer throughout his twenty-year long career. His long professional experience encouraged him to go a step further, resulting in his director début named Lost Songs of Anatolia (Anadolu'nun Kayıp Şarkıları).