28/06/2010 03:32

American remake of Aleksa Gajic’s “Technotise: Edit & I”

Aleksa Gajic’s “Technotise: Edit & I”, which premiered at last year’s Cinema City Festival and where it won audience award and special recognition award for contribution in development of Serbian cinematography, will have its 2011 American remake. Behind this new version is American production company Legendary Pictures and Laeta Kalogridis, executive producer of “Avatar”. Kalogridis is also known as a screenwriter for Scorcese’s “Shutter Island”. The film will be partly financed by Hollywood studio Warner Bros. and along with Kalogridis, Rae Sanchini, who collaborated with James Cameron on “Titanic” will also sign up as a producer.

When executive producers of upcoming remake ordered from video editor Jaron Pitts a two-minute video material representing potential American version of “Technotise: Edit & I”, an idea was born to create a remake. Trailer is on YouTube since February and it recorded a great visit rate and it combines clips from Spielberg’s “Minority Report”, Cameron’s “Avatar” and Cuarón “Children of Men” and clips starring Mila Jovovic.

At last year’s Cinema City Festival “Technotise: Edit & I” was, according to audience reactions, a real sensation and the screenings were one of the most visited. It was based on Aleksa Gajic’s SF comic. The film portrays Edit, an average girl who lives and studies in 2075 Belgrade. She volunteers at a research centre where she nurses Abel, autistic math genius who, after discovering the energy unifying formula, cuts all communication with the outside world. To enhance her intellectual potential, due to her own problems at university, Edit installs a chip of suspicious origin. When she starts seeing a graph of said mysterious formula, her chip becomes self-aware and starts growing mentally and even physically into Edit’s parallel personality. Some of the most famous names from actor’s guild lent their voices: Petar Kralj, Seka Sabljic, Srdjan Todorovic, Marija Karan, Boris Milivojevic, Nikola Djuricko, Nebojca Glogovac and Sanda Knezevic.

This animated SF film was released on DVD in April with special features such as English subtitles, a documentary on making of the film, as well as videos and soundtrack composed by Boris Fuduj and Slobodan Strumberger.