Archive Cinema City 2014.


Genre: Documentary
Country: Germany, Austria
Year: 2013
Duration: 109 min

Director: Erwin Wagenhofer
Scenario: Sabine Kriechbaum/Erwin Wagenhofer

Cast: Gerald Huther, Pablo Pineda, Arno Stern, Andre Stern, Ken Robinson, Thomas Sattelberger

Programme selection: 360°


We are living an era of great changes, crisis and disorientation. Financial system, energy sources, climate change - all of the problems in these areas have something in common. They are man made. Many of them caused by people educated in world’s top universities and institutions. Is this chaos a side effect of their education or fundamental views and approaches? Could the core of the problem lay in the way in which our brain is structured thus in our outdated way of thinking? We will never have the courage nor the inspiration to solve the problems of tomorrow by applying the solutions of yesterday. The most obvious paradigm of these issues is our educational system that managed to destroy the greatest talents simply by using unadjusted methods and forcing everybody to fit in the same mold. Rather than favoring standardization and financial benefit, new educational institutions must prioritize creativity, diversity and sustainability. In the future, education has to leave behind its old views and dedicate itself to growing the student’s potential through diversity and pluralism. Finally, who is going to start this process if not us?

Language: German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese
Subtitle: Serbian, English
Producer: Mathias Forberg, Viktoria Salcher, Peter Rommel

Filmography: 1998 Menschen am Fluss (tV Doc., orf), 1999 Die vergorene Heimat (Doc., br), 2000 Der Gebrauch des Menschen (Doc.), 2001 Limes (Doc.), 2005 We feed the World (Doc.), 2008 Let’s make Money (Doc.), 2011 Black – Brown – White (feature), 2013 Alphabet (Doc.)