30/05/2010 11:10

“Alive!” within Balkan Box selection

Alive!” is a drama by Albanian director Artan Minarollli that speaks of grave conflict of modern and traditional within a society. The film will screen within Balkan Box selection.

Lead hero is Koli, a student at the University of Tirana who is, according to a traditional code of honor, destined to be assassinated as a means of settling a blood feud created sixty years ago because of a murder committed by his grandfather.

He pulls up the courage to visit the family which wants to retaliate. The head of the family greets him with courtesy and treats him as a guest. He also meets his “predestined assasin”, a young and handsome boy. Koli pleads for his life but his plea is rejected with a solemn oath (besa) that vendetta will again be upon him after three days pass.

Not having a choice, Koli seeks refuge in a village near Tirana where he soon realizes he can’t accept the fact that his life so far came to an abrupt halt.