23/04/2010 06:50

Aleksa Gajić on Corto Maltese films

This year selector for Animatrix is Aleksa Gajić, director of first Serbian animated feature film Technotise – Edit & I which delighted last year’s audience and received two recognitions, one for special contribution in development of Serbian cinematography and a special audience recognition for best film.

“I had an opportunity to read an interview with Pascall Morelli, director and animator of one of the films on Corto Maltese, which will be screened at the festival. Pascal Morelli says their biggest challenge was capturing the chemistry and the rhythm of the comics. Based on the comments I’ve heard seems they succeeded in it. Those who love Corto say: “The film is so poetic and it has great tempo.” Those who don’t love him say: “The film is boring and slow.” Indeed, Corto tramples in the best possible ways over the entire heritage we received from American commercial production. Some will say: “This is antiaesthetic screenplay” and some will say: “Yes but it is aesthetics nevertheless”. Luckily, we are all different and this world of ours and our culture always come as unfathomable and fresh. So, here you will get some classical stories, told in a modern vernacular, but still very much Corto Maltese as we know him. “

Besides films on Corto, within Animatrix selection, and by choice of this year’s selector Aleksa Gajić, visitors of the festival will be able to enjoy four more pearls of modern Japanese animas. Visitors will be met with a shocking achievement of director Masaaki Yuasa, Mind Game, Genius Party Beyond, a second part of omnibus by Japanese production company “Studio 4oC”, a multiple winner Paprika by world renowned director Satoshi Kon and Steamboy, by famous manga artist, screenwriter and director Katsuhiro Ôtomo.