03/05/2009 14:15

Academic programme


Cinema City will present a rich programme which will contain significant discussions about film art and film industry. It is meant to be an interactive workshop. Guests will be foreign directors, numerous eminent film experts who will talk about topics related to film art and film industry, alongside with simulations and constructive discussions with the participants.

The goal of this programme is providing young authors with new knowledge, new experiences in practical and theoretical sphere of film by having creative workshops, panel discussions and seminars lead by experts and professionals. Besides, through work and communication, participants will have the opportunity to meet new people who might inspire them in their future careers. There will be expert lectures by guest directors and actors, by film artists, producers and film critics. Participation in this programme is free of charge and is open for everyone who wishes to come and it is aimed at young people, students and all those who love films.

Among the participants of last year's academic programme, there was Lance Hammer, American director and winner of Cinema City festival. Other participants were Stefan Arsenijevic, Israeli director Natalie Asuline, Uros Stojanovic, Srdan Golubovic, Dejan Zecevic, Miroslav Milinkovic, Nebojsa Radosavljevic, Dragan Bjelogrlic, Marko Kostic, Vladislava Vojnovic, Darko Bajic, Dutch director David Veerbek, director Nina Paley and many others. Author of this year's programme is Jugoslav Pantelic.