12/06/2010 09:14

“A Serbian Film” premiere and repeat projections

Tonite, at quarter past midnight is a repeat screening of Srdjan Spasojevic’s long awaited achievement, “A Serbian Film”. Right after this screening, at 02:30h is another repeat projection. Both projections are at Serbian National Theatre. Last night’s premiere of this controversial achievement was fully packed and both additional screening are expected to be full as well since all the tickets were sold days before actual screening.

In case you want to hear critics’ opinion on this film, we found out that today, at Youth Centre CK13 (a.k.a. Black House), beginning at 17:00h is a platform on “A Serbian Film”. Participants are Dejan Ognjanovic, film critic and author of “Faustian Screen” and “In the Hills, the Horrors”, Goran Gocic, film critic and publicist, author of “Andy Warhol and Strategies of Pop”, “Notes from the Underground: The Cinema of Emir Kusturica”, Aca RAdivojevic, film critic and screenwriter for “A Serbian Film”, Dragan Jovanovic, editor of Pop Kult magazine, dr Ivana Kronja, media and film scholar. Platform moderator is Jelena Andjelovski, feminist activist, Youth Centre CK13.

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