11/06/2010 08:03

7th day

On the 7th day of the Festival projections will start earlier than usual. At 13:00h at Serbian National Theatre you can see Disney’s outstanding animated feature “The Princess and the Frog” based on a story by Brothers Grimm. At 15:30h is the screening of “Donkey”, from Tribute: New Croatian Cinema selection, starring one of our most esteemed actors, Nebojsa Glogovac. To those who missed the premiere of “The Woman with a Broken Nose” yesterday evening, we strongly recommend this particular feature which enraptured the audience to say the least. The film starts at 18:00h. 20:30h time slot is reserved for another premiere from National Class selection. The film in question is Predrag Velinovic’s “Motel Nana” starring Dragan Micanovic. At 23:55h is a premiere of long awaited and much debated “A Serbian Film”. Srdjan Spasojevic’s controversial achievement attracted a lot of attention both from the media and from the audience of the Festival.

At 21:15h Katolicka porta open-air cinema will screen the premiere of Jasmila Zbanic’s “On the Path” from Balkan Box selection. Through one love story this film gives a complex portrayal of Islam in today’s Bosnia. The film had its world premiere at Berlinale where it was screened within main competition programme and soon won the hearts of both critics and audiences around the world. At 23:15h you can see “Ze film”, excellent French comedy by Guy Jacques, who is also present at this year’s Festival as a jury member for Exit Point selection. The film speaks of a great dream and ambitions of a charming group of friends, with Miki Manojlovic playing one of the roles.

Youth Theatre’s Main Hall will, at 20:00h, present a documentary “Let’s Make Money”, an extraordinary record of financial machinations on global level. At 22:00h you can again spend time with this year’s protégé of the Festival, Corto Maltese, in his animated adventure “Gilded House of Samarkand”. Small Hall will present short film “Pink River” from Sarajevo City of Film 2009 project. The film starts at 18:00h. Immediately after, you can see a repeat of Ang Lee’s “Taking Woodstock”, which became a hit film after its projection at Dunavski park open-air cinema. At 21:00h is the screening of “Karaoke”, out of competition film from Up to 10.000 bucks selection.

Projections at Dunavski park open-air cinema will start with Coca Cola’s “Celebrating the Goal” in honor of 2010 FIFA World Cup™. At 22:30h visitors can see “Making Contakt” from Burn Planet Rock selection, which already attracted attention, especially amongst urban clubbers and lovers of quality electronic sounds. At quarter after midnight is a screening of controversial anime “Mind Game”.

Projections at Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina start at 18:00h with the screening of Miodrag Popovic’s “Burdus”. At 20:00h is the screening of “To Shoot an Elephant” which speaks of events in Gaza Strip during Israeli operation “Cast Lead”. For 21 days people were shot like crazy elephants and these two directors managed to survive the onslaught, tired, dirty and covered in blood, trapped inside the Strip with Palestinian civilians. 22:00h time slot is a perfect time for cult Italian comedy “Ugly, Dirty and Bad”.