23/05/2010 12:18

“32nd of December” within National Class selection

Sasa Hajdukovic’s “32nd of December” will screen within National Class selection. The narrative takes place in New Year’s Eve and consists of three interconnected stories.

In a discotheque, Piksi, a thirty year old owner of a small local café, on a dare tries to win over Una, a young rebel without a cause. During the celebration things change and Piksi is determined to make it more than just a one night stand. The problem arises when the situation gets serious and when it comes to obvious differing in regarding their respective positions. One clash resolves everything.

Dragana is a girl living in a fantasy world with great expectations from life and love and pink vision of the world around her, resembling American melodramas. She meets Ljuba, a dirty cop who still lives with his parents. In their agreement for New Year’s Eve celebration she builds her future. During said encounter, Ljubo shows his true colors and roughness of character and Dragana’s dream bursts like a bubble. She leaves his apartment emotionally shattered. She keeps hiding it all from her best friend Una who is at that moment having a great time in a discotheque with Piksi. Ljubo goes to Piksi’s café to take the prearranged pay-off money.

Sina, a vagabond who lives from occasional small legal and illegal jobs, falls in love with Ljubica, a provincial girl with a pure soul. Their plan is to elope into the mountains for a New Year’s Eve and visit their relatives. That plan will be realized as soon as Sina takes the money for a job he did for Piksi long time ago.

The film stars Aleksandar Stojkovic, Nikolina Djordjevic, Anja Stanic, Dragana Maric, Ljubisa Savanovic, Slobodan Perisic. Hajdukovic was signed not just as a director but as a screenwriter as well.