19/06/2011 12:58

10.000 visitors attended Cinema City music opening at the Fortress

Last night, the Fortress once again transformed into a dance arena for 10.000 visitors who came to enjoy some of the finest bands and DJs, and together with them mark the opening of the Cinema City International Film Festival.

The party began with excellent gigs by Medicine Man, creators of this year’s Cinema City soundtrack, and Kanda, Kodza and Nebojsa, one of the most original alternative bands in Serbia today.

With immense pleasure the audience greeted Darkwood Dub, one of Serbia’s most significant bands. Setting new standards on the national music scene, Darkwood Dub, certainly justified their cult band status.

Composers for the Cinema City 2010 soundtrack, The Good Guys, once again proved how much positive energy they can create with their most original audio-visual performance. The finale for the evening was reserved for a fantastic young British DJ, Ritton – member of a popular duo Carte Blanche.

We use this opportunity to invite you to yet another party at the Fortress, the Cinema City closing party on June 25. Together with you, as is tradition, we would like to say farewell to Cinema City 2011 and its eight-days-long film magic.