21/08/2017 09:50

Who Is “The Most Important Boy in the World” at This Year’s Festival

Within the National Class film selection, we will have the pleasure to see Tea Lukač’ debut documentary.

Investigating the relationship between fans and their idols, this movie tries to grasp the meaning of success in the 21st century, as young people from Serbia and theReplica Watches China  region understand it.

“The Most Important Boy in the World” chronicles the adventures of Boris Mitrović, the biggest fan of Justin Bieber. Imitating the behavior patterns of his idol, equipped with a manager, a Lamborghini and a fan base on Facebook, Boris himself is also trying to make his showbiz dreams come true.
Is there any discrepancy between his dreams of success and love and his everyday life, come and see for yourselves at the anniversary edition of the Cinema City International Film Festival, part of the Gradić Fest.