19/05/2008 17:11

Which Way Today (A dnes nakade) in Balkan Buster Selection

Bulgaria, 2007, 90 min
Direction: Rangel Valchanov
Cast: Albena Stavreva, Annie Valchanova, Antoaneta Stancheva,Genadi Nikolov, Georgi Enchev,Georgy Staykov, Dimitar Goranov, Elena Arsova-Pavlov, Iliana Kitanova, Konstantin Trendafilov, Krasimira Demirova, Mariana Milanova, Mikhail Bilalov, Nikolai Ishkov, Nikolai Urumov, Ognyan Kupenov, Petar Popjordanov, Robin Kafeliev, Svetozar Kokalanov, Stefka Iordanova – Celesttiani, Teodor Elmazov, Teodora Boynova – Rossi, Tsvetana Mircheva, Rangel Valchanov
Awards: Special Event - Karlovi Vary 2007., FIPRESCI, The Bulgarian Film Guild’ Award – Love is Folly, 2007.,“Galia Bachvarova“ – Golden Chest, 2007.
Selection: Balkan Buster

Which Way Today directed by a living legend of Bulgarian cinematography, Rangel Valchanov, is going to be shown in Cinema City Festival in the program of Balkan Buster Selection. The movie won the prestigious FIPRESCI award in Bulgarian International Film Festival Love is Folly, 2007.
On the crossroad of the present and the past, Which Way Today measures the value of human life, the sum of previous experiences, and achieved and present expectations.

Two decades ago we had 26 young men and women on a scene, who were on the beginning of their professional theatre careers. They were gathered in a kind of an audition, before an invisible jury, unusual and provocative questions and tasks, according to which it was to be seen whether they were to become good actors or not. This is a basic storyline of the movie made twenty years ago, called Which Way Now?

Today, the same crew is gathered at a reception organized by one of the colleagues, with the occasion of a celebration of an important year of their lives. During the long period, some of them lived abroad searching for happiness and freedom, and some remained in Bulgaria. Together with their director, they remember old times and ideals, noticing their both physical and spiritual changes. They do not stop comparing former hopes to present wishes, the craziness and enthusiasm of the youth to the everyday life of the present. How much have they actually given in to the routine, depression, and unavoidable wrinkles that have been cut in their faces, telling real stories? A night of remembering, personal conflicts, and sharp honesty that interchange with bursts of euphoria and nostalgia is before them. To all this emotional excitement and personal drama, an inevitable question emerges: which way today?

One of the most significant artists of Bulgarian cinematography is Rangel Valchanov. For his original work, since his first movie On a Small Island 1958, up to today, he has won numerous recognitions and awards. Still, he often remains uncomprehended. Many of his works are in front of their time, and esthetic and philosophic dimensions of his works are not appreciated enough in their initial projections – because of being hermetic and innovative, they remain modern years after their appearance.