10/06/2009 07:26

Wednesday at Cinema City Festival

We will begin our review of the Cinema City's film programme for Wednesday, 10th June, with the film projections in big hall of Serbian National Theatre, where at 3.30 pm there will be the film Correction by director Thanos Anastopoulos, a film which is considered to be one of the best Greek films in the recent years.

At 6 pm, within Exit Point Selection, there will be the première screening of the film Jalainur by a young Chinese director Zhao Ye, and what follows at 8 pm is the première of the film Autumn in my Street from National Class selection, by director Miloš Pušić. The film is an authentic story about growing up and friendship, set in the suburb of Novi Sad.

At 10 pm Kabuli Kid, very dynamic début film by director Barmak Akram will be projected. It is an unusual portrait of a man who is going through phases of emotional awakening and becomes mature in the city which is trying to go back to normal life after twenty-five years of war terror.

At small hall of SNP the projections start at 4.30 pm with the film A Blooming Business by the Dutch director Ton van Zantvoort. Première from the selection Democracy: Export-Import A Blooming Business shows "the other side" of the beauty of flowers, through the flower industry’s slave mechanism involving Kenyan prisoners.

At 8.30 pm festival's visitors can see the première of the film Stella, enchanting drama about growing up in Paris in the 70s, made by French director Sylvie Verheyde, and after that at 8.30 there will be the première from New Latino Film selection, Insignificant Things by director Andrea Martínez. Main character of the film Insignificant Things is a teenager called Esmeralda, a young girl with an unusual hobby: she obsessively collects objects lost, forgotten or discarded by people she doesn't know and keeps them in a box beneath her bed. In the film you can see Esmeralda's attitude towards the unusual box, collected treasure, and the most valuable thing she puts in it - the story about human relations. At 10.30 pm there will be the projection of multi-awarded film Fraulein by the director Andrea Staka, from the Balkan Box - SFF Highlights selection.

At the open-air cinema in Katolicka Porta, at 9.15 pm the musical documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad will be shown. The film's slightly exotic theme tells an original story about general conditions in Iraq. In the summer of 2006, directors Eddy Moretti and Suroosh Alvi went to Iraq to make an interview and film a heavy metal band in Iraq - Acrassicauda. The directors show through the film how young people live in Iraq in constant wartime, what their hopes are and where their ambitions end.

At 11.15 pm, the film Someone is Still Waiting by Marko Novakovic, from National Class selection, will be shown. This is a socio-pathological story which talks about four women who are fighting for their dignity, integrity and the right of a mother to a decision: to bear a child or to end a life. Their lives, intermingled with coincidences, speak about the abortion but also about the status of women in general, regardless of their social status. The leading roles in Novakovic's new film are played by Anica Dobra, Duska Stojanovic, Mirjana Karanovic, Marija Vickovic, Nada Sargin, Ljubomir Bandovic.

At the open-air cinema in Dunavski Park, on Wednesday 10th June at 9.15 pm, the legendary film I Even Met Happy Gipsies by director Aleksandar Petrovic will be shown, after which the drama with elements of comedy 12:08 East of Bucharest by director Corneliu Porumboiu will be shown.

At the third open-air cinema which is in Mileticeva Street, at 9.15 pm, the film Shell from Respect to Turkey selection will be shown. An emotional film portrait of a lonely young man who is presented by a famous Turkish poet, screenwriter and director Uygar Asan. At 11.15 pm, the film Flowers of Rwanda from Democracy: Export - Import selection will be shown, a dark testimony of Rwanda's history.

At big hall of Pozoriste Mladih, at 8 pm, the film Ninotchka, the legendary comedy from 1939 with famous Greta Garbo in leading role, will be shown. At 10 pm, the film Dot by Turkish director Derviş Zaim will be shown. The film Dot shows a man who is being hunted by a crime from the past and who tries to redeem himself for his fault. One of the things which makes this film special is the fact that calligraphy, one of the most beautiful traditional art forms from Turkey, is woven in this film.

At the same location, at small hall, at 6.30 pm, the unusual South Korean black-humour drama Members of the Funeral by director Baek Seung-bin, from Exit Point selection, will be shown. At 8.30 pm the film Mutant Aliens by famous animator Bill Plympton will be shown. At 10.30 pm begins the projection of films from Up to 10,000 Bucks selection, Story which Ends Badly and Low Tide.

At Art Cinema Vojvodina in SPENS, at 8 pm, the film The Secrets of Kells will be shown, an animated saga which brings to life the magic world of Irish mythology through truly magical story about a twelve-year-old boy who is about to experience numerous adventures, fights with Vikings, dangerous mythical creatures and traps of enchanted forest. At 10 pm will be shown the film Gasolina. The author of this film, Julio Hernández Cordón, demonstrates through his seemingly innocent story, how thin the line between betrayal, deception and extreme solidarity which leads to suicide in adolescence is.

Within press projections, Cinema City festival journalists, on Wednesday 10th June at 11 am at big hall of SNP, can see the film Autumn in my Street by Milos Pusic, who won the award for the best film in Up to 10,000 Bucks selection last year at Cinema City festival.

Enjoy the film programme of Cinema City festival for Wednesday 10th June!