30/06/2016 11:57

We Keep on Trucking: Finest Films and Music at the Cinema City Festival for the Sixth Day in a Row

Creative Cinema City Thursday’s Right Ahead

Following the first five days of the festival, which attracted an impressive number of visitors, we are moving ahead positively exhilarated, to start off the sixth Cinema City day. Today's repertoire, which promises yet another fabulous festival night, opens in the Indoor Cinema at 6 P.M. with a reprise screening of the directorial debut by the famous actress Mirjana Karanović, A Good Wife, depicting a woman facing a turning point in life, and her “awakening” from her tucked-away provincial paradise.

At 8 P.M., Marina Person’s California will show us what it looked like to be an adolescent in 1984 and what troubles it spelled. A warm recommendation! After California, a selection of low-budget short films, which will absolutely delight you, will be shown. Tonight’s repertoire includes: Cinnamon Skin, I'd Rather Not Say, I Am Sorry, Sartre, Love and Sausages, and Tango Nocturno. At 11 P.M., join us for a rescheduled screening of Sonita, a documentary about a young girl who, despite everything, refuses to give up on their dreams.

At 9 P.M. in the Amstel Open Air Cinema, we present The Land of the Enlightened, a documentary about the lives of the children from an Afghan tribe Kuchi, waging their imaginary mini-wars while surrounded by a real one. At 11 P.M. the audience will finally get to see the eagerly awaited Janis: Little Girl Blue, directed by Amy Berg. This documentary, which will walk us through Joplin’s evolution as a musician, is narrated by Cat Power. Janis: Little Girl Blue is based on the letters that the legendary musician wrote over the years to her friends, family and collaborators.

Make sure to check out Zhaleika, a film by Eliza Petkova about a young girl Lola, who refuses to drown in the mediocrity of her environment. This film draws a parallel between the old and the young generation, to show the diversity of their relations and portray the colorful inner world of the main protagonist as she yearns for freedom. Zhaleika is on at the SKCNS Fabrika Open Air Cinema tonight, starting at 9 P.M. In the same place, at 11 P.M., we present B-movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin, a treat for those who appreciate the ‘80s culture of the West Berlin and the great musicians who emerged from that very culture, such as Nick Cave.

Incarnation, a film by Filip Kovačević scheduled for 9 P.M. in the Firchie Think Tank Studio, is a warm recommendation to all adventurers and those attracted by mysteries. After the film, at 11 P.M., MKDSL takes the helm and off we go into another party night.

A reprised screening of an outstanding documentary Half a Century Disco is set for 9 P.M. in the SKCNS Brod Teatar, and will be followed by a recap on the films presented yesterday in the Up to 10,000 Bucks competition, which starts at 11 P.M.

Surrounded by high-quality films, excellent music and positive energy, we are stepping into the sixth day of the festival!

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