30/08/2017 03:30

Warm Clothes for a Warmer Experience at the Festival

Watching movies on the big screen is a truly extraordinary pleasure, and we do not want anything to ruin it. Therefore, we want to draw your attention to something that we cannot influence, but we can try to anticipate it.

Although the summer is still holding on and we are hoping for some lovely weather, the temperature significantly drops in the moats around the Fortress as the night wears on, especially at the venue of the Kapija Open Air Cinema, which is why we recommend our visitors to wear warm clothes, long sleeves and pants, and closed footwear.

To fully enjoy the beautiful night screenings, take some extra clothes, sweaters, jackets, choose your festival favorites on time and revel in this unique experience without interruption. Check out the Gradić Fest Map and the #CinemaCity2017 Timetable.

All film screenings, along with all other events at the Gradić Fest are free of charge!

Hurry up and grab the best seats! See you on the streets of Gradić from September 1 to 3! :)