Talking to Christine Dollhofer - CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival director

How do you see importance of the „Fresh Danube Films” funded by the European Cultural Foundation?

It is a "fresh" platform for networking and exchanging ideas and let films travel which otherwise wouldn't come to our regions.

What is your opinion on film industry in the Danube region?

The Danube region is a huge one and several countries are part of it, therefore it is maybe not so easy to get an overview, but nevertheless it is important to exchange talents, ideas, films.

What shall be the positive impacts of this project?

Networking and presenting films to our audiences which might have otherwise not the possibility to see these films and get in contact with the directors.

What can we expect to see at the Crossing Europe Film Festival within the project "Danube Fresh Films"?

6 "fresh" films from 3 countries, directed by young talents of the region. Girls stories from Austria, political subjects from Serbia, a father-son-documentary and a crowd pleaser from Croatia.

Your message to a film audience?

Be open for discoveries and see the high potential films of a young filmmakers generation!