Fresh Danube Films in Vinkovci

The importance of the Fresh Danube Film project, which is recognized by the European Cultural Foundation, was underlined at the recently held film festival DORF in Vinkovci. Project partners, representatives of the Cinema City festival, Free Zone and DORF spoke at the opening, and addressed the value of this cooperation and new perspectives and possibilities generated by this project.

The presentation of the project to the audience and journalists was commenced with an introduction from the director of DORF Toni Šarić, while Ivana Todorović and Rajko Petrović spoke on behalf of Cinema City from Novi Sad and Free Zone from Belgrade, respectively. Also pointed out was the importance of promoting young authors and their networking for the purpose of creating future successful co-productions, new ideas and quality film accomplishments. Director of the Free Zone festival brought up that the networking continues beyond Austria, Croatia and Serbia, and include Bulgaria and other countries of the Danube region, while Fresh Danube Films project manager, in front of the Cinema City festival, said that based on the experience so far this one-year project will surely grow into a long-term cooperation and friendship.

Monja Art and Caroline Bobek, Austrian authors of the film “Forever Not Alone” gave their opening statements. Their first feature documentary officially opened DORF, as part of the Fresh Danube Films selection.

In addition to this film, the Fresh Danube Films program also included the screenings of “Redemption Street” by Miroslav Terzić, “The Face of a Revolution“ by Vladimir Milovanović, “Local Heroes“ by Henning Backhaus, “Sonja and the Bull“, by Vlatka Vorkapić and “A Letter to My Father“, by Damir Ćurčić.