Two Serbian Films within the Fresh Danube Films


D: Miroslav Terzić, P: Filmkombajn, 2012, 97'

Screening schedule at the DORF: 10/03 7 PM

Dusan, a young deputy prosecutor for war crimes, gets the task to investigate a paramilitary formation, The First pioneer’s unit, that was operating on the battlefields in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, where they disappeared without a trace.

Dusan is determined to bring the case to the end and to show his father, a famous retired professor at the law faculty, but to his boss too, War crimes prosecutor, that he is capable for this job.

This becomes for Dusan much more than a simple case - it becomes a personal confrontation.

We do not expect much of the investigation and by Dusan's associates it is condemned to failure, until he finds the unit’s only surviving soldier, Micun, who tried to live peacefully and quietly. Dusan and Micun’s encounter changes their lives and directly affects their families. 


D: Vladimir Milovanović, P: Propaganda film, 2012, 55'

Screening schedule at the DORF: 09/03, 7 PM

Branko Ilic was one of the leaders of the rebellion against the Milosevic regime in Serbia over the 1998-2000 period. The leader of the student movement Resistance was arrested and beaten dozens of times, and in 2000 on behalf of the Resistance, he received MTV "Free your mind" award for his struggle. Exactly ten years after the 5th October revolution, Branko returns to Belgrade from voluntary exile in his native Arilje. He starts working as a bartender and temporarily moves to Svaba, an old friend from the time of the protest. During this time, the famous advertising agency Svaba works for, is hastily preparing a major campaign to promote consumer loans.

Svaba and Branko decide to mark the 10th anniversary of the fall of Milosevic in front of the Serbian Parliament on 5th October. After the action and the interweaving of real and fictional characters and events, the mask of the traumatized Serbian society in transition, caught between socialism and capitalism, falls down, leaving the viewers with the opportunity to draw the line between documentary and fiction themselves.