Selected Austrian Films within the Fresh Danube Films

The selected Austrian films are first films made by young aspiring talents. These films portray juveniles and young adults, their dreams and problems – each of them with an individual artistic approach. FOREVER NOT ALONE, LOCAL HEROES and TALEA stand for appealing coming of age stories and powerful characters, attractive for an European audience regardless of which origin.

directed by Monja Art & Caroline Bobek (AT 2013) // Documentary

Screening schedule at the DORF Film Festival: 07/03, 08:30 pm

Alice, Helene, Maira, Nani, Selin + Vera are 14 and call themselves the "Chillergroup". They live in Vienna and are in the same class. In addition to their time at school they spend every free minute together, they are best friends. This friendship is the most important thing in their lives, far more important than dating boys. But their future is uncertain: because at the end of this school year, the 4th grade at secondary school, the clique will be put to the test as they'll have to go their separate ways.

directed by Henning Backhaus (AT 2012) // Fiction

Screening schedule at the DORF Film Festival: 08/03, 7 pm

Thomas, late 20s, has now outlived his idol Kurt Cobain. In a frenzied burst of energy he throws himself into another band contest, again hoping it will herald the big breakthrough. Despite affairs and alcoholic excesses he makes it through to the final round. But a stroke of fate changes everything.

And the third selected film, will be presented only at CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz 2013, but within the framework of FRESH DANUBE FILMS, is:


directed by Katharina Mückstein (AT 2013) // Fiction

Summertime. Everybody is excited to go on vacation to Italy. Everybody but Jasmin. She aches to be with her mother Eva who has just been released from jail on probation. Jasmin runs away from her foster home and convinces Eva to go on a trip. They get closer but when a man attracts Eva’s attention, the newly built mother-and-daughter-relationship threatens to fail.