Sonja and the Bull within the Fresh Danube Films Selection

The Fresh Danube Films project has come as a result of collaboration between Cinema City International Film Festival Novi Sad as the Main Applicant and partners: Crossing Europe Film Festival from Linz, DORF from Vinkovci and Free Zone from Belgrade and support from the European Cultural Foundation.

Within the project it will be showcased a new, original Fresh Danube Films selection of first or second films at the DORF (Vinkovci, Croatia), the Crossing Europe Film Festival (Linz, Austria), the Cinema City International Film Festival (Novi Sad, Serbia), the Free Zone Film Festival (Belgrade, Serbia) in 2013

Find out more about a film „Sonja and the Bull“, which will be screened at the DORF Film Festival in Vinkovci (Croatia).More information, just check out EMP


D: Vlatka Vorkapić (Croatia),
P: Interfilm/HRT, 2012
Schedule on the DORF festival: 09/03, 09:00 pm

A major rom-com hit. Sonja is from Zagreb. She is a vegetarian and a driven activist, bitter opponent of bull-fighting in Dalmatian Zagora. This irritates local residents, who come into conclusion that, although openly declaring her love for animals, Sonja would never dare stand before a bull. Bets are placed, and Sonja is presented with a challenge by Ante, who is known for his power of persuasion.