Two Croatian Films in the Fresh Danube Films Selection

Statement of Selector

Within the Fresh Danube Films selection, audience will have the opportunity to see six films – two from Austria, two from Croatia and two from Serbia – at the DORF Film Festival in Vinkovci (Croatia).

We have asked a selector of Croatian films, Toni Šarić, to present his choice, so here it goes:

Letter to the Father – winner of the 2012 national festival, and that was a big surprise, because the movie is pretty personal, not crowd pleaser (they usually won the awards). Intimate story on universal topic – father-son relation, but filmed very brave and intelligent.
Sonja and the Bull
– last year's blockbuster, passionate love story delivered through the city-village ambivalence, underlined by the animal rights as the background for the story. Rom-com on Croatian way, skillful and talented director gave us much more than the average genre movie gives. Don't forget cool soundtrack...

It was a good year for Croatian cinematography and we are proud to present to our partners 2 movies by talented authors which already had some documentary experiences. Things in Croatia are getting better, and these movies are proof that we can expect more in years to come.