Talking to Toni Saric - DORF Film Festival director

- How do you see importance of the „Fresh Danube Films” project funded by ECF?

Many cross-border collaborations have been first (and most important, of course) step to bigger projects and things. Especially in movie/film festival spaces of Danube region. This project has a great chance to become an important channel for young authors, their promotion and I'm looking forward to that day.

- What is your opinion on film industry in the Danube region?

There are many important cinematographies around that river, no doubt. Epecially nowadays, european cinema is facing many challenges, and fresh ideas and innovative approach with sensitive authors and their artistic vision are the advantage, which shall be used for some new moments.

- What shall be the positive impacts of this project?

Exchange of different experiences, on the first place. Each festival has its own flowers, with audiences always looking for something new. In our case, this is the first edition of the festival with feature fiction movies – kinda experiment, which is useful and always ends, like, „we should do that earlierJ“. Second thing is web of contacts and useful information, including gear4music voucher website, which is maybe the most powerful tool today.

- How can you describe your cooperation with the partners?

Our FDF partners are the best in the world, OK – this part of the world. :)

- What can we expect to see at the DORF Film Festival within the project "Danube Fresh Films"?

We are honored to be the first, opener of the selection and we are looking forward to see all this authors together in Vinkovci. This selection could be interesting to young people, films are about the moment, and things we all live every day (and night). Croatian movies are good sample of the recent Croatian cinema – one is more art-house, the other has commercial potential, and we give both sides of croatian society on the last days before entering EU.

- Your message to a film audience?

Enjoy movies with your friends – we live the most interesting moments of this part of Europe, and very soon (sooner than we expect) we'll remember this „good old times“...