Fresh Danube Films at DORF

This year's edition of DORF festival is marked by FRESH DANUBE FILMS programme. Last year, the Association of Film Fans RARE began realizing the Fresh Danube Films project, which is funded by the European Cultural Foundation, with partners from Serbia and Austria.

The Project is designed in order to connect festivals from Danube region, and what makes it special is that it promotes feature films and documentaries created by young authors.

Thus, the programme will screen 6 films at all 4 festivals – DORF, Cinema City (Novi Sad), Free Zone (Belgrade) and Crossing Europe (Linz). In this project Croatian cinema will be presented by “A Letter to my Father”, directed by Damir Čučić and “Sonja and the Bull“, directed by Vlatka Vorkapić; Serbian cinema by “Redemption Street“ directed by Miroslav Terzić and “The Face of a Revolution“ by Vladimir Milovanović; and Austrian cinema by “Local Heroes“ directed by Henning Backhaus and “Forever Not Alone“ by Monja Art and Caroline Bobek.

The seventh Festival of Documentary Rock Film – DORF 2013 will be held in the period 07-10/03/2013 in Vinkovci (Croatia), at several locations. This year’s Festival will present the total of 24 films, with an exceptionally diverse accompanying program.

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