14/04/2009 16:11

Wealth of Nations

Wealth of Nations is a part of Cinema City festival which involves the media and consists of an exhibition and a conference. Wealth of Nations is the title of a Scottish economist Adam Smith's major work in which he establishes and supports the basics of liberal economy. Liberal economy was at its peak at the end of the 20th Century after the failure of real socialism when worldwide free market was created. In recent times, this economy has entered a period of serious crisis, which could have a short or long-term effect on the the stability of global social classification. This year's theme, Wealth of Nations explores the effects of economy and financial sector on society and an individual.

As a part of the programme of Cinema City festival, international conference Wealth of Nations will be held. On one hand, the syntax Wealth of Nations ironically describes today's condition of liberal economy in crisis. On the other hand, it raises serious question of what the elements of wealth are. Are those natural resources, gold or money? Does money belong to nature or culture? How does an idea of crisis affect the psychophysical state of people or individuals?

It raises the question of spiritual disorientation at times of material, sexual or nutritive fulfilment. Participants and speakers will try to answer these questions at the conference and they will focus on creative rethinking of these topics. Economists, sociologists, artists, philosophers and culture theorists will participate in the conference.

The programme will be organised in co-operation with the Museum of Contemporary Art from Novi Sad, Institute for Flexible Culture and Technology - NAPON from Novi Sad and INBOX Art Association from Novi Sad.