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“Train Driver’s Diary” Premiere to Close This Year's Cinema City

Don’t Miss out the National Premiere Screening of Miloš Radović’s Film with Lazar Ristovski in the Leading Role

Every railroad engineer, during the course of his professional career, accidentally kills 20 – 30 people. The victims are usually suicides, the careless, the drunk or simply the absent-minded. This is a tragic comedy about these innocent murderers and their lives.


Eagerly awaited, the national premiere of the film Train Driver’s Diary will close the Ninth Cinema City Festival. Train Driver’s Diary is the third feature film by the multiple award-winning director Miloš Radović, which will have its world premiere at the Moscow Film Festival, as a Serbian representative in the main competition. Just a few days after the world premiere, Train Driver’s Diary will be screened before the local audience at the closing night of the 9th Cinema City International Film Festival, on Saturday, July 2 at 9 PM, at the Amstel Open Air Cinema in the New Creative Quarter, in Novi Sad.


The ninth edition of the Cinema City Festival, which is to take place from June 25 to July 2 in Limanski park and Chinatown, in Novi Sad, brings, as always, a wide, unconventional selection of films presented within carefully conceptualized film sections. The drama Train Driver’s Diary, by the multiple award-winning director Miloš Radović, will undoubtedly excite special attention of the audience. The film was produced by Lazar and Petar Ristovski, with Lazar Ristovski also playing one of the leading roles.



“Seven long years took Lazar and me to figure out, film and finish the movie about a railroad engineer,” director Radović explains. This film was recently presented at Marché du Film in Cannes, and will have its world premiere at the Moscow Film Festival, as the only Serbian entry in the main competition. Shortly after its world premiere, Train Driver’s Diary will also be screened for the first time before the local audience. The premiere screening is scheduled for the closing night of the 9th Cinema City International Film Festival, on Saturday, July 2, at 9 P.M. at Amstel Open Air Cinema, in the New Creative Quarter, in Novi Sad.

Milos Radović delivers a visually impeccable tragic comedy. The fact that it takes at least 700 meters for a train to stop after the brakes have been applied absolves the train driver from any responsibility. Their innocence for countless victims – puts these mass murderers into a group of people with special mental and psychological profile. This is a tragic and at the same time humorous melodrama of these innocent murderers and their lives.


Lazar Ristovski plays in this film a sixty-year-old train driver, Ilija, who is one step away from retirement. Ilija holds the infamous record of 28 people, whom he’s struck and killed during his career. His nineteen-year-old adopted son Sima, played by Petar Korać, is getting ready to continue the family tradition. Ilija introduces his son to the profession of train driver and the fact that accidents are inevitable. Sima is intimidated by this simple truth, he does not want to become a murderer. Still, he wants to see how much time it will pass until it happens to him for the first time. Sima starts operating the train on his own. He is anxious, frightened, and hardly sleeps at night. Days go by... One week, two weeks... he hasn’t struck anyone yet! Sima drives more and more slowly, often stops the train and goes out of the locomotive to check if someone is lying on the tracks. Two months have passed already, and yet – nothing’s happened. Sima can’t stand it any longer, he simply has to strike someone with his train...


In an interview for the Film Center of Serbia, Lazar Ristovski explains that “the film is not so hopeless after all. On the contrary. It is a tragicomedy, or if you will – a rather romantic, melodramatic story.” Ristovski says that the motive which inspired him to instantly accept this intriguing role, besides the many years of rewarding cooperation with Radović, “lies in the fact that Miloš’ grandfather Uglješa was a railroad engineer, and my father Petar was a railway dispatcher, which facilitated my decision. This film is a sort of a tribute to them.”



This film, based on Marko Glušac’s idea, was written and directed by Miloš Radović, and Dušan Joksimović takes credit for the marvelous cinematography. The film was edited by Đorđe Marković and produced by Lazar Ristovski and Petar Ristovski. The leading roles are played by Lazar Ristovski, Petar Korać, Pavle Erić, Mirjana Karanović, Jasna Đurišić, Mladen Nelević, Nina Janković, Danica Ristovski, Haris Burina, Tihomir Stanić, Đurđina Radić, Nenad Ćirić, Nataša Marković, Nikola Bulatović, Bojan Dimitrijević, Jovan Ristovski, Teodora Ristovski and Bojan Žirović.

 Miloš Radović, screenwriter and director, has won as much as some 60 awards for his cinematic achievements, including the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. He has produced more than 200 hours of TV program, and his dramas have been staged at theaters all over the region.

Train Driver’s Diary was produced by ZILLION FILM, and besides the Film Center of Serbia, its creation was supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Culture of Vojvodina, Inter Film, Croatian Audiovisual Center and Eurimages. The film was distributed by Art Vista.


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