08/06/2010 07:08

Today’s Cinema City repertoire

Today at 15:30h Serbian National Theatre screens an excellent drama “Alive!” by Albanian director Minarolli. In a country where the conflict of traditional v. modern persists for decades, a student named Koli is forced to take responsibility for a crime from the past. 18:00h slot is reserved for Acimovic’s documentary “Go For It!”, a film on life and successes of a blind Croatian athlete, Petar Beslic. 20:30h time slot presents a premiere of “Some Other Stories”, omnibus by five female directors from the region whose film stories are all based on the subject of motherhood and a birth of a new life. After the screening film crew will greet the audience. At 23:15h at the same location you can see yet another achievement from competition selection National Class, “The Heart of the Wise Lives in the House of Sorrow”. Lead hero is Jakov who is burdened with existential problems and seeks refuge in characters from the Bible and strange worlds. Crew from this film will also present themselves and greet the audience after the projection.

Katolicka porta open-air cinema will, at 21:15h, screen the premiere of an incredible drama “Son of Babylon”, directed by guest of the Festival, Mohamed Al-Daradji. Al-Daradji will come up on stage and greet the audience. At 23:15h is a screening of yet another Exit Point premiere, “City of Life and Death”, winner of San Sebastián International Film Festival. This is a luxurious but very harsh saga on ruthlessness of war and its victims.

At Main Hall of Youth Theatre, at 20:00h, you can see a great film from Tribute: Austrian cinema selection, “Lovely Rita”, a story of an “outsider” girl maturing in that awkward age of adolescence. Those who failed to see last night’s screening of “Corto Maltese - The Caribbean Suite” will have a chance to do so at 22:00h. At Small Hall, beginning at 18:00h comes a short film from Sarajevo City of Film project, called “Museum of Broken Relationships”. 18:30h time slot is reserved for a repeat of the story on a legendary punk band, „Ramones: The End of the Century”. Presenting films from Up to 10.000 bucks selection continues at 21:00h with screenings of: “Useless Landscape”, “Little Red Riding Hood” and “I already am everything I want to have”

Dunavski park open-air cinema continues the saga on Corto Maltese with 21:15h screening of “Corto Maltese – Celts”. Corto will lead us to 1915 Europe, into the very heart of the conflict. At 23:15h you can see Misa Radivojevic’s cult classic “A Promising Boy” colored with the sound of “new Yugoslav wave”, especially with songs of our legendary band “Šarlo Akrobata“.

At Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, beginning at 18:00h come and see Misa Popovic’s cults classic “Swarm”. After this screening Mohamed Al-Daradji, famous Iraqi director will bow before the audience. 22:00h time slot is reserved for Peter Collinson’s classic comedy, “The Italian Job”.