12/06/2009 13:41

Today at Cinema City Festival

On the seventh day of Cinema City festival, as part of film programme, in big hall of Serbian National Theatre, at 3.30 pm, you can see the film Slow Days by young Croatian director Matija Klukovic, as part of Balkan Box/SFF Highlights selection. By using collage technique, Slow Days presents more than twenty protagonists, showing what people who have too much spare time do. Critics pronounced this film one of the best creations of contemporary Croatian cinematography.

At 6 pm, as part of Exit Point selection, the film Terribly Happy will be shown, a multi-awarded unusual drama by Danish director Henrik Ruben Genz. At 8 pm will be the projection of Goran Radovanovic's new film called The Ambulance. This is a Serbian-Greek-German co-production which covers some of the most important events in the recent Serbian history, from 5th October when Đindjić was killed until today. Vesna Trivalić, Nenad Jezdić, Nataša Ninković, Sonja Kolačarić and Tanasije Uzunović play the leading roles.

Projection at 10 pm is reserved for the film Katia's Sister by Dutch director Mijke de Jong. In the awarded film Katia's Sister, through an intimate portrait of a thirteen-year-old girl, Mijke de Jong depicts high expectations of Russian emigrants as well as reality in which those expectations are fading away.

In small hall of SNP, the first projection for 12th June starts at 4.30 pm showing the film Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country from Democracy: Export/Import selection. This documentary by Danish director Andres Østergaard gathered exclusive shots made by reporters of “The Democratic Voice of Burma”, who filmed the life truth, hiding their cameras under the clothes or in bags. At 6.30 pm is the projection of Aleksandar Petrovic's film Group Portrait with a Lady which is based on a novel written by the Nobel Prize winner Heinrich Böll. The film tells about various relationships which happen to a lady called Leni who is played by legendary German actress Romy Schneider.

At 8.30 pm, visitors of the festival can see the première of the multi-awarded film The Investigator by Attila Gigor as part of Exit point selection, a thriller with black humour which explores the complex issues of morals in a funny and bizarre way. At 10.30 pm, as part of Balkan Box/SFF Highlights, will be shown the film Taxidermia, a grotesque genre fusion of drama, horror and comedy, which tells three stories about three different generations put in one bizarre and shocking universe.

At open-air cinema at Katolicka Porta, with beginning at 9.15 pm, the excellent animated film Technotise: Edit & I by Aleksa Gajic will be shown, a film which opened this year's Cinema City festival. It is made in the same way as the contemporary animated films, a product of four types of animation (classic 2D, 3D, vector and collage animation) as well as the authenticity of artist's graphic expression. Aesthetic model for the film was Japanese anime in which the movements are stylised, in other words it's static animation. Special attention in this film was given to the voices, which were realised by some of the great names in Serbian acting profession. Some of the voices were given by Petar Kralj, Seka Sabljic, Srdjan Todorovic, Marija Karan, Boris Milivojevic, Nikola Djuricko, Nebojsa Glogovac and Sanda Knezevic. At 11.15 pm at the same location will be showed the film Here and Thereby Darko Lungalov. This creation is the first Serbian film to be included in the main competitive programme of internationally significant Tribeca film festival in New York, where it won the award Best New York Narrative. Members of the prestigious Tribeca festival's jury, with famous actor Adrian Brody among them, gave a statement with their explanation for giving the film Here and There the award: "this is a very mature, unusual and sophisticated film. It gave us not only New York, it gave us great characters, a great story, it gave us a new world".

At open-air cinema at Dunavski Park, on Friday 12th June, beginning at 9.15 pm, as part of Balkan Box/SFF Highlights, the film Buick Riviera by Goran Rusinovic will be showed. In 2008, at film festival in Pula, the film Buick Riviera by director Rusinovic, won the award in category for Best Screenplay, which was written by the director himself and by the acknowledged Croatian literate Miljenko Jergovic. When participating at Sarajevo Film Festival in the same year, Buick Riviera won two awards in category for Best Actor (Slavko Stimac and Leon Lucev), as well as a prestigious award Heart of Sarajevo. At 11.15 pm at the same location, the animated film The Sky Crawlers will be shown, an SF tale about special kind of genetically modified war pilots, who fight for the supremacy of two giant multinational companies. The author of the comic book on which this film was based, is the famous Japanese illustrator, painter and designer Takashi Okozaki. He published Afrosamurai originally as a series in the well-known anime magazine NOUNOUHAU. Soon, Afrosamurai became more than just an ordinary comic book. After its film adaptation, directed by Kizaki, with the famous American actor Samuel L. Jackson who gave his voice to the protagonist, Afrosamurai series gained worldwide glory. Among others, music for the film was done by famous hip-hop performer RZA, member of hip-hop attraction Wu Tang Clan.

At the third open-air cinema in Mileticeva Street, at 9.15 pm, as part of Planet Rock selection, the film Justice: A Cross the Universe will be shown. At 11.15 pm will be shown the great documentary musical Lost Songs of Anatolia by Nezih Unen, as part of Respect to Turkey selection. The film was created after 350 hours of editing as a result of a five-year-long difficult and creative exploration of cultural diversity of Anatolia. Musical performances of traditional tunes were recorded live and spontaneously at the filming location. Using modern arrangements, an original musical has developed, which shows how much music and culture of Anatolia depend on geographical region as well as on work and life of the people in that land.

In big hall of Pozoriste Mladih at 8 pm will be shown the film Annie Hall, a legendary comedy by the original Woody Allen, as part of Pedja's Film Collection selection. At 10 pm will be shown the drama My Only Sunshine by Turkish director Reha Erdem.

At the same location, in small hall, beginning at 6.30 pm, will be shown the animated film Afrosamurai 2, popular creation of well-known director of animated films, Fuminori Kizaki. At 8.30 will be the projection of the film Godzilla(1954) by Japanese director Ishirô Honda. At 10.30 pm will begin the original creations of young authors in Up to 10,000 Bucks selection, in this order: Africa, Krym, ID, The Sentiment in Between, Toast, Illusion, The Age of Virginity, Under Surveillance, Sticky.

At Art Cinema Vojvodina in SPENS, will be two projections of Nouvelle Vague selection. At 8 pm will be shown the famous creation of famous Truffaut, The 400 Blows, and Last Year at Marienbad by Alain Resnais at 10 pm. Nouvelle Vague, to which was dedicated this selection, represents a unique revolution in French cinematography. It appeared in the 1950s when film stopped being a common "observer" of reality and became an original work of the author. Original style and film language were emphasised, therefore these elements of film became more important than the story itself. The peak of "New Wave" film modernism is expressed through equalling the status of film with the status of any other artwork, as well as through insisting on artistic freedom and individual style of the author. So, film becomes (another) way of expressing through art. The most significant representatives of "New Wave" are Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Alain Resnais, Claude Chabrol, Eric Rohmer, Jacques Rivette...

Besides rich film programme, an academic programmeis organised for visitors of the festival, which will be held at the press centre of Serbian National Theatre. The topic of Thursday's, 11th June, programme is "TREATMENT OF FILM ART IN SERBIAN MEDIA IN 21 CENTURY". The participants of the discussion will be Ivana Kronja, Ivan Aranđelović, Dimitrije Vojinov and Milica Lapčević. Academic programme will be held daily in the festival's press centre in Serbian National Theatre, from 7th to 14th June at 3 pm, and will be open for all who wish to participate, and it is aimed at young people, students and all film lovers. Editor and moderator of the programme is Jugoslav Pantelić.

Enjoy the entire programme of Cinema City Film and Media Festival!