31/08/2013 10:45

The Novi Sad audience especially likes Up to 10,000 Bucks

Programme coordinator: Dina Vuković

This year’s programme of Up to 10,000 bucks selection has shown great attendance, as is usual. The audience immediately loved the new hall at the Museum of Modern Art of Vojvodina, which every day attracts more and more visitors. This is why young people sat on stairs for the whole 90 minutes of the programme and enjoyed the films. Every night in those 90 minutes we try to present completely different films and have the audience experience the whole range of emotions through different stories told in different forms – from animated, and feature films to documentary and experimental films.

I am very happy that this programme continues to live. In the Museum you have the opportunity to see films that are often overlooked by cinema theatres, regardless of the immense talent of their authors, who managed to bring their ideas to life with very little money but with a lot of effort and will, which is saying something, especially today, when everything costs an arm and a leg and is paid by the hour. This takes courage and discipline. They succeeded, and all those who follow this programme saw it too

You don’t need expensive costume, makeup and a lot of effects in order to make the audience laugh or cry. You need talent, imagination, decisiveness, all of which represent the Up to 10,000 bucks selection.

I am truly happy that Novi Sad audience continues to show interest for these authors, for that is what motivates them to continue their work!