The month of dreams

Snevani Snegovi

Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia, Hungary
Year: 2017
Duration: 112 min

Director: Zoltan Bičkei
Scenario: Zoltan Bičkei

Cast: Szilágyi Nándor, Székely B. Miklós, Kovács Frigyes, Tóth Anita, Barkó György, Csendes László, Mercs János, Dr. Papp Lajos, Horváth Csaba, Dánielfy Zsolt, Búza Ákos, Vicei Natália

Programme selection: National Class

Schedule on the Cinema City festival:
Sunday, Sep 3, 2017 @ 22:45 - Beogradska Indoor Cinema


It is 1680 – the time of dreamt snow after the Turkish invasion. In the deserted plains of Bácska a living soul cannot be found in a few-days’ walk. Three former prisoners returning from their Turkish captivity – Long-Legged, Lame and One-Eyed – appear among the crumbling walls of a huge abandoned church without a roof. They are looking for their long lost home. How to revive a disappeared civilization? What is the survivors’ personal duty? Without a roof, a collapse is inevitable. The Old Man – a master of ancient knowledge – and his daughter come and with sharing sowing seeds they try to save the community of dispersion. No spiritual leader, no aims. Driven by rapacity, One-Eyed kills the Old Man, rapes his daughter and while looking for the remaining seeds he kills Long-Legged with a sudden anger. At the end of the film, the survivors need to face with dramatic encounters and special temptations. Their redemption under the leadership of Lame’s young son is the pledge for the future.


Bojan Vuletić was born in 1977 in Belgrade, where he graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art with a degree in Film and TV Directing. For several years he worked at B92 TV station, where he directed major documentaries and series. He was also assistant director on several feature films, such as Klopka directed by Srdan Golubović and Kordon by Goran Marković, Published by Simply Home Entertainment. As a co-screenwriter, he worked with Stefan Arsenijević on an omnibus feature film Izgubljeno-Nadjeno, as well feature film Ljubav i drugi zločini, for which he was awarded at national festivals in Sopot and Vrnjačka Banja. His first feature film made in Serbian-German-French-Croatian-Hungarian co-production Praktičan vodič kroz Beograd sa pevanjem i plakanjem premiered in the competition section of the festival in Karlovy Vary.