06/08/2013 04:03

The latest selection at the Cinema City festival – FRESH DANUBE FILMS

This year’s CINEMA CITY international film festival, which will be held from August 26 to September 1 in Novi Sad, will screen over 130 films in 11 selections. The latest festival selection is FRESH DANUBE FILMS, which is the result of the project realized by the Cinema

City festival and partners: Crossing Europe from Linz (Austria), DORF festival from Vinkovci (Croatia) and Belgrade festival Free Zone, with financial support from the European Cultural Foundation from Holland.

The main objective of the FRESH DANUBE FILMS project is to promote and support cultural differences and creative synergy of cinemas from the Danube Region, owing to the networking and knowledge-sharing platform for young and talented filmmakers. The immediate objective of the project is the networking of significant film institutions, as well as a young film professionals in order for them to strengthen their potential, and initiate new joint projects.

At the CINEMA CITY festival, this selection will present the Croatian comedy of the year, “Sonja and the Bull”, directed by Vlatka Vorkapić; “A Letter to My Father”, winner of Pula Film Festival 2012, directed by Damir Čučić, who will also be the guest of this year’s Cinema City; two excellent debut films from Austria – “Local Heroes” by Henning Backhaus, a stirring portrayal of a big fan of Kurt Cobain, and “Forever Not Alone” by Monja Art and Caroline Bobek, a story of teen friendships and adventures. The two films from Serbia are “St/Ripping” by Kosta Đorđević, an exciting story of three heroes of different social status who are obsessing over the wrong person, and “Where Is Nadia?” written and directed by young and talented Aron Sekelj, Raško Milatović, Miloš Milovanović, Nemanja Vojnović, Petar Ristovski, Tea Lukač, Marko Đorđević and Luka Popadić.

The FRESH DANUBE FILMS platform strives to contribute to the networking of authors, strengthening their skills and establishing their position in the arts and society, given is educational nature.

In the context of the Danube Region, which connects 75 million people, 38 regions and 10 countries, films stand as one of the best instruments of establishing an intercultural dialogue, since they disseminate knowledge and understanding at a deeper level, by dealing with issues that are common to many societies. As an art form, a film shows the reality of the present in a very specific way, all the while influencing a great number of people.

The FRESH DANUBE FILMS project should contribute to overcoming intermittent communication between individuals and institutions of film industry across the Danube Region, but also strengthen the regional cultural identity and increase the competitiveness of this peculiar film market. This project promotes identity through original and different artistic expressions that are influenced by Western and Eastern European traditions, as well as by the particulars of modern art of each of the countries.