28/06/2014 07:25

The last day of the festival Cinema City in 2014!

This year’s Cinema City festival chose Mariana Rondón’s award-winning film “Bad Hair” to be its closing film. “Bad Hair” won Special Jury Award for Originality and Innovation - Bronze Alexander and FIPRESCI award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival; best director award at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, and Special Jury Prize for Best Film at the Havana Film Festival. “Bad Hair” will be screened after the closing ceremony, at 20h, at Arena Cineplex, Hall 5. The 22:45h time slot is the appropriate time to screen “The Stone Roses: Made of Stone”.

At Arena Cineplex, Hall 3, at 15:15h you can see “Karpotrotter” from the Fresh Danube Films selection, and the superb German film “Oh Boy” at 18h. “Strange Little Cat”, an endearing film about the excitements of the choreography of everyday life, will screen at 20:15h. “Pina 3D”, about the legendary artists and choreographer, Pina Bausch, will screen at 22:45h.

Onur Tukel’s “Summer of Blood” will screen at 21h, at Arena Cineplex, Hall 1.

At the cinema hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, at 14h we will screen “Off the Beaten Track” from the Planet Rock selection, about the Portuguese world music sensation Buraka Som Sistema. The 16h time slot is reserved for a documentary that carries an extremely potent message “When Daddy Buys You an Elephant”. At 18:30h you can see the repeat screening of “Lives Worth Living”. Cinema City shorts are planned for the 21-23h time slot, after which we will once again screen “Muse - Live at Rome Olympic Stadium, July 2013” from the Planet Rock selection.

At the gallery of this museum we have prepared for you the last batch from the Cinema City shorts selection, which will start at 18h.

At Cinema City’s most popular location, Amstel Open Air you can watch “Love Hunter”, a film about one of our most significant musicians, Milan Mumin, and his overseas adventures. We have decided to close this year’s Amstel Open Air in the most appropriate way possible by presenting you the man himself and his band Love Hunters. So tonite, stay tuned for a double treat!

Nestea Open air at the Museum of Vojvodina will screen “Album 61” at 21h, and “Coach Zoran and His African Tigers” at 23h.

We hope to end this year’s festival on a high note, which isn’t possible without you around, so come and enjoy the seventh and last day of Cinema City.