30/08/2013 15:04

The continued success of CINEMA CITY!

After the extremely successful opening of the Festival, in front of the fully packed hall and screening of FINAL CUT: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, which the audience accepted with delight, the number of film lovers this Festival brings together keeps on growing.

The screenings of films from the National Class selection have been filled to the last seat. The new location of the Festival, Amstel Open Air recorded success and turned out to be an ideal space for open air screenings!

The previous nights the audience particularly enjoyed the films from the Planet Rock selection.

We take special pride in the fact that the screenings of Želimir Žilnik’s films gathered so many young people eager to learn about the work of this great artist, but also older viewers who, for years now, have been witnesses to the artistic contribution of this great director. At the opening ceremony Želimir Žilnik was presented with the Ibis award for the contribution to world cinema.

We are also proud to note that the films signed by the Israeli director Eran Riklis have been extremely well received with the audience of the Festival – almost every hall was fully packed during the screenings of his films.

Screenings at the Gallery of Matica Srpska, which were reserved for the films from the Beldocs@Cinemacity selection, had great attendance and caused quite a stir, since the films chosen for this selection are most likely to bring out discussions about the subjects they cover, which are often controversial and very interesting.

In the days that are left, we will continue to chase our most precious record – getting as many visitors who appreciate art and enjoy quality films as we can!