14/06/2009 06:24

The Cinema City Jury

The Cinema City jury is made of Exit Point selection jury, which will evaluate competitive programme of international, independent film, and the juries of selections National Class and Up to 10,000 Bucks, which will evaluate competitive programmes of national film and films made with the budget less than 10,000 dollars.

Members of the Exit Point jury are: Tuncel Kurtiz, Martin Blaney, Ivan Fila, Labina Mitevska and Ellis Driessen.

Members of the National Class and Up to 10,000 Bucks programme's jury are: Pjer Žalica, Ludovic Chavarot, Srđan Koljević, Iliana Kitanova and Padraic Delaney.

The third jury of the festival is the jury of FIPRESCI critics, which will give award for the Best Film of the festival according to journalists and critics. Members of FIPRESCI SERBIA jury at Cinema City festival in Novi Sad are: Sandra Perović, Vladimir Crnjanski and Staša Jamušakov.