Archive Cinema City 2010.

Tesla's Cabaret “ Uncle Jova Dragon’s Song”

Teslin kabare: song čika Jove Zmaja

Genre: Documentary
Country: Serbia
Year: 2010
Duration: 5 min

Director: Dragan Stojmenović

Cast: Ivan Klemenc, Stevan Baja Gardinovački, Sonja Mladenov, Jovana Jelovac, Nikola Ivačkov, Branislav Jerković, Karolina Valentinović, Anja Rudić

Programme selection: Cinema City Shorts


A fantastic story, through the paradigm of the elements of Tesla's biography, constructs a parallel critical insight on the civilisation of today.

Surrounded by his Muses, Uncle Jova Dragon, a famous poet, paramedic and Tesla's personal friend, as a cabaret's conferencier, is introducing us to the world of games, gambling and power.

"It’s time for a change in this world !" is a warning message sent by Tesla through the Cabaret's subversive code, over his messenger Dragon.

Are we, as ourselves or as a community, continuing to have a hazardous relation with civilization and forces of nature which surround us?

"Global Masters" are put to the test by the characters of Tesla's Cabaret...