03/06/2008 03:20

Territories and Resources of Virtual Worlds


New Media Festival is going to take place in Novi Sad, from 14th to 21st of June, within Cinema City Festival. Named Territories and Resources, new media are going to be presented through projections, exhibitions, and an international conference where numerous artists, theoreticians, researches, and scientists from the country and abroad are going to participate.

The goal of New Media Festival is to show contemporary art and scientific productions and tendencies in the areas of digital media and the Internet in an educative and entertaining way. Also, the festival is going to point at the critical aspect of new media arts. This year’s topic of the festival - Territories and Resources explores the phenomena of social networks (Facebook, MySpace…), multiplayer online video games (World of Warcraft, Second Life…), and so called Web 2.0, which represent ideal new territories where infinite horizons of new markets exist. New social technologies create new virtual territories where contemporary society, economy, politics, and culture reflect themselves. On such territories, specific new resources – users appear, and new technologies are shaped based on them.

Territories and Resources exhibition is going to be realized inside cargo containers that are going to be placed in the city centre, on Trg Slobode Square, in Modena Street, and in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Dunavska Street. Through contemporary art production, with the accent on the critical aspect, the exhibition is going to present some of the possible views on the development of electronic social networks and virtual worlds.

As a part of the program of Cinema City Festival, an international conference called Territories and Resources is going to take place. Artists, theoreticians, researches, and scientists dealing with the phenomena of the social networks on the Internet and virtual worlds are going to participate. The goal of the conference is to set up a platform for stronger social and critical foundation in this field. Numerous issues are going to be brought up, such as: economic exploitation of virtual communities, models of cultural and artistic production in electronic social networks and virtual worlds, problems of selecting, relevance, and meaning of information on the global network, policies of archiving and distribution of knowledge on the Internet.

Some of the participants that are going to exhibit their works and take part in the conference are: Electroboutique from Russia, Second Life Liberation Army from USA, Ubermorgen from Austria, Slobodnakultura.org from Serbia, Marcell Mars, Multimedia Institut mi2 from Zagreb, Alessandro Ludovico and Paolo Cirio from Italy, Armin Medosch from Austria, Kristian Lukic and Vladan Joler, program directors of New Media Festival, and so on.

The program is realized in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina from Novi Sad, the Institute for Flexible cultures and technologies – Napon, from Novi Sad, and Inbox, an art association from Novi Sad.