26/04/2010 14:14

“Technotise – Edit & I” on DVD

According to “Sinears” distributor, “Technotise – Edit & I” animated Sci-Fi film by screenwriter and director Aleksa Gajic, just came out on dvd. DVD special features are English subtitles, a documentary on making the film, videos and soundtrack done by Boris Furduj and Slobodan Štrumberger. Gajic’s first animated feature, made after same title comic book, premiered at last year’s Cinema City where it won audience award and a special award for contribution to Serbian cinematography.

Voices were provided by Sanda Knežević, Nikola Đuričko, Srđan Todorović, Jelisaveta-Seka Sablić, Marija Karan, Boris Milivojević, Petar Kralj, Nebojša Glogovac, Srđan Miletić, Vlasta Velisavljević, Igor Bugarski i Tatjana Đorđević.

The film portrays Edit, an average girl who lives and studies in 2075 Belgrade. She volunteers at a research centre where she nurses Abel, autistic math genius who, after discovering the energy unifying formula, cuts all communication with the outside world. To enhance her intellectual potential, due to her own problems at university, Edit installs a chip of suspicious origin.

When she starts seeing a graph of said mysterious formula, her chip becomes self-aware and starts growing mentally and even physically into Edit’s parallel personality. On his film Gajic said: After six years of working for French publishing house and over 300 sketched panels I felt the need to put my characters into animated feature which will try to answer all the challenges that come out of a sci-fi story set in future…

At this year’s Cinema City film and media festival, Aleksa Gajic will be a selector for Animatrix. Thanks to this, festival visitors will have an opportunity to see four superb achievements of Japanese anima productions - a shocking achievement of director Masaaki Yuasa “Mind Game”; “Genius Party Beyond”, a second part of omnibus by Japanese production house “Studio 4oC”; multiple winner “Paprika” by world renowned director Satoshi Kon and “Steamboy” by famous manga artist, screenwriter and director Katsuhiro Ôtomo.