17/06/2012 13:53

Sunday at Cinema City Festival!

Serbian National Theatre

At the main festival location, at 17:30h the audience will be able to see Gordan Matić’s latest feature, Ginger – More than a Game which will compete for the main festival award within the National Class selection. This biopic, shot as a semi-documentary, reconstructs events in life of one of the best sportsmen ever to be born in these parts of the world. In addition to magnificent success in sports, “Ginger” presents the legendary Radivoj Korać as a renaissance and original person that he was. Do enjoy, and stay tuned after the screening for a chance to talk to the film crew.

At 20:00h another film will screen from this selection. It is a premiere of Marko Novaković’s “Menagerie”, which testifies to a moral and historical dissolving of a country, placed in an environment separated from urban life and located deep inside a region where specific rules and relations among people apply. After the screening the film crew will stay for a Q&A with the audience.

After these two films from the National Class selection, at 22:30h you will get a chance to see the premiere of “Le Skylab”, a film awarded with a special jury award at San Sebastian film festival. “Le Skylab” is a nostalgic retrospection of 1979 and big family gatherings, presented in the night when NASA’s space station Skylab fell down to Earth. This lovely comedy-adventure, which transforms one family gathering into a crazy and unforgettable weekend, filled with illumination, love and song is surely something you should not miss. This is the fourth feature film of one of the most famous French actresses, Julie Delpy, who also wrote, directed and produced the film.

Katolička porta

Today the film programme will open at 21:15h with a premiere of “Scabbard Samurai”, the latest feature of one of the most respectable and successful Japanese comedians, Hitoshi Matsumoto. Filled with hilarious skits, and touching and endearing sequences, this film is a story of a disgraced samurai who is presented with an ultimatum that unless he succeeds in making a boy-prince laugh within 30 days, he will be obliged to take his own life.

After this excellent comedy, at 23:15h MTV presents Burn Planet Rock review selection will screen “Search and Destroy: Iggy & The Stooges' Raw Power”, a documentary that penetrates the core of the band The Stooges, and speaks of the album “Raw Power”, which, although pronounced a failure, continues to inspire young and up-and-coming stars. The film is followed by “Brian Eno – Another Green World“ – a portrayal of Brian Eno, composer, producer and music theorist, through intimate talks with his contemporaries from the world of music, journalism and science.

Arena Cineplex Hall 1

At 18:00h the visitors will get a chance to see the achievement made within a week-long film workshop “Crossover – Film&Music”. This project presents five concerts from Palić 2011, which is a festival of European film, seen from the perspective of five students from Serbia and five from Croatia, united within a Crossover project.

After this film, at 20:00h you can see the premiere of “Archeo”, signed by Jan Cvitkovič, now already considered as being a cult director, who made a story of an arch-man and arch-family. Stay tuned after the screening for a Q&A with the director.

Dragan Kanjevac’s “Sonja“ is the last film to be screened at this location, and starts at 22:00h. The film presents our legendary actress Sonja Savić as a wunderkind, a star of Yugoslav and Serbian cinema, urban icon of the 80s and a fighter against the establishment. Stay tuned after the screening for a Q&A with Dragana Kanjevac.

Arena Cineplex Hall 4!

The time slot at 18:00h is reserved for the review selection Focus: Hungary and a cult classic “The Round-up”, directed by Miklós Jancsó. It is a symbolic presentation and criticism of war, shown through the prism of a wooden stronghold in which the villagers are exposed to a series of questionings and tortures by their Austrian guards. According to the words of Hungarian director Zoltán Fabri, this is perhaps “the best Hungarian film ever produced”.

At 20:30h you can see a documentary “Slaughter Nick for President” which follows a Canadian actor Rob Stewart who explores why his role of Nick Slaughter in a TV series “Tropical Heat” is so popular in Serbia.

At 23:00h is a screening of a double laureate at the prestigious film festival in San Sebastian, “Unfair World”. A masterfully designed tragicomedy, directed by Filippos Tsitos speaks of how people become unfair to others due to their own misfortunes.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

The winner of best screenplay award at Montreal, Emmanuel Mouret’s “The Art of Love” is screened at 17:00h. The film is a series of vignettes showing everyday life of several Parisian couples while they reexamine what they really want out of their lives. It is a film which tries, through style and discrete intent, to tell a universal story about emotions.

At 19:00 the audience will get a chance to see the premieres of four very interesting accomplishments from the competition selection Up to 10,000 bucks (“Beneath the Waves”, “Mirage”, “Behind the Door” and “Concertino”). As before, this selection presents the works of artists who managed to be creative enough to transform their ideas into film, by using limited budget.

Another competition selection which promotes young authors, Educons Hungry Days, will present at 21:00h the film “Policeman”, a multiple winner at international film festivals, directed by Israeli director Nadav Lapid. His first feature presents cultural and class differences as the main question in life. At 23:00h you can see the last film of the second day, “Ave”. The debut film of the Bulgarian director Konstantin Bojanov received standing ovations at Cannes, Goeteborg and Istambul. The story leads us to a chance encounter of a boy and a girl while hitchhiking. She is a compulsive liar, who manipulates his emotions, drawing him deeper into new problems and adventures.

We wish you great times at Day 2 of the Festival!