Archive Cinema City 2012.


Genre: Documentary
Country: Serbia
Year: 2012
Duration: 43 min

Director: Dragana Kanjevac
Scenario: Dragana Kanjevac

Programme selection: MTV presents: Burn Planet Rock

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This documentary was inspired by the artistic life of Serbian actress Sonja Savić. Being a wonder child, a star of Yugoslavian cinematography, a sex symbol, and urban legend of the eighties generation, a fighter against establishment, Sonja Savić had always attracted attention. Simply put, she always looked, spoke and thought differently from others, she was entirely autonomous, an authentic phenomenon of Serbian culture. In the documentary SONJA, friends and colleagues of Sonja Slavic testify on many aspects of her life and work, and a special emphasis is put on Sonja’s libertarian, rebellious, Don Quixote type of nature.


Dragana Kanjevac graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Department of Philosophy. She is a journalist and a publicist in the area of culture and media. She is the author of several series of tv shows and interviews that were aired on different TV stations. She writes texts on the phenomena of media and mass culture and she also works in the sphere of documentaries.


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