15/04/2011 09:35

Six testimonies to reality

Selection Democracy: Export/Import

Democracy: Export/Import continues to present a selection of choice documentaries, which will once again bring into focus man-made atrocities through six films which interpret six different life stories.

A multiple winner 12 Angry Lebanese by Zeine Daccache is an inspired and sincere demonstration of the efficacy of drama therapy and the positive effects it has on individuals completely shunned by society. I Was Worth 50 Sheep is a harrowing tale of two sisters and their fight for dignity and freedom in a war torn country, battling its own inner war between the traditional and the modern.

Shooting vs Shooting is an international documentary, shot in nine different countries, which sheds light to the deaths of journalists and other media workers in Iraq, from 2003 when the war started until today. Abu Jamil Street is an incredible adventure of the four Palestinians whose fear of police is a constant companion while they continue to dig a tunnel between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. Their good humor endures despite adversities, bringing them ever closer to the freedom of Egypt.

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan investigates an ancient practice of (sexual) exploitation of boys coming from the lowest and poorest class of society, who are being sold into molestation by their own parents. Tears of Gaza is more of a horrifying testimony than a conventional documentary of 2008-2009 Gaza bombing.

All six films from Democracy: Export/Import focus on the real experience, however incredible, all the while speaking candidly and very objectively of a brutal fight for survival in a world which should be open to everyone.