Archive Cinema City 2016.

Signature Work

Paluba ispod Terazija

Genre: Crime, thriller
Country: Serbia, USA
Year: 2016
Duration: 76'

Director: Dejan Vlaisavljević
Scenario: Dušan Zarić, Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt, Ilija Labalo

Cast: Marija Šević, Dejan Vasiljević, Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt, Saša Radojević, Ilija Labalo, Vanja Ejdus, Nebojša Pajkić

Programme selection: National Class


Believing that his model is in trouble, a retired engineer, now an amateur painter, hires a private detective to find her. The reason for her "disappearance" is so she can start anew with her boyfriend, who has been released from prison. He will steal unsigned paintings from the painter's studio, have his girlfriend sign them, and profit from the eventual sale. The morning after the robbery, the painter is found dead. Oblivious that the true artist is dead, the art world becomes infatuated with the impostor. Inspired by Scarlet Street (Fritz Lang,1945), Signature Work projects a noir sensibility across Belgrade’s crime world and the contemporary art scene. The ideological elements frame the struggle for the amoral protagonists, whose only goal is - to come out on top.


Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt was born in Belgrade in 1967. He cites as his mentors Miroslav Bata Petrović, a prolific filmmaker, and Jovan Jovanović, director and film theorist. Influenced by avant garde and Hollywood classics, he began making movies in 1982. He is active as multimedia artist, he has produced numerous alternative films, videos, soundtracks, industrial rock albums, as well as comic books. Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt lives and works in the United States.

Original language: Serbian
Subtitle: English