11/06/2009 11:12

See Today

We will begin the review of the film programme for the sixth festival's day with the film projections at big hall of Serbian National Theatre, where at 3.30 pm there will be a première of the multi-awarded film Fraulein by Andrea Staka. Extraordinary performance of protagonists tells a story about friendship by exploring the legacy of Balkan wars from a woman's point of view.

At 6 pm, within Exit Point selection, there will be a première of the film Tony Manero by the director Pablo Larrain. The main character is an unfulfilled fifty-year-old criminal who is obsessed with John Travolta and his acting as Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever.

What follows at 8 pm, is a projection of the film from National class selection Here and There by Darko Lungulov. This creation is the first Serbian film to be included in the main competitive programme of internationally significant Tribeca film festival in New York, where it won the award Best New York Narrative. The 10 pm projection is reserved for the film The Belgrade Phantom by director Jovan B. Todorović. It is an entertaining film, part documentary, part feature film, which will document one of the cult events and urban myths of the city.

At small hall of SNP the first projection for Thursday, 11th June, will begin at 4.30 with the film testimony with an anti-war message Flowers of Rwanda by the author David Muñoz. Later, at 6.30 pm there will be a projection of the film It Rains in my Village by Aleksandar Petrović, from the selection Retrospective of a Domestic Author.

At 8.30 pm the visitors can see the film Gasoline from New Latino Film selection. The author of the film, Hernández Cordón, demonstrates through his seemingly innocent story, how thin the line between betrayal, deception and extreme solidarity which leads to suicide in adolescence is. At 10.30 pm there will be a film from Balkan Box - SFF Highlights selection called Slow Days by the director Matija Kluković. It was filmed over a period of three years and with its content, it gathers a great number of actors. By using collage technique, Slow Days presents more than twenty protagonists, showing what people who have too much spare time do.

At the open-air cinema in Katolicka porta at 9.15 pm there will be the projection of the film from National Class selection by director Miloš Pušić, Autumn in my Street. Miloš Pušić, who was the director, script writer and the producer of the film Autumn in my Street, had previously directed two short documentary films: Tag and Lullaby For a Boy. The latter was shown at 25 festivals around the world and won the award for the best film in the Up to 10,000 Bucks category at last year’s Cinema City festival.

The following projection at 11.15 pm is the film The Life and Death of a Porno Gang by director Mladen Djordjević. The genre of this film can be best described as an unusual fusion of black comedy, horror and contemporary Japanese film. At the 2009 FEST the film won Nebojša Djukelić Award, which is given by the jury of the Association of Belgrade Film Reviewers and Journalists.

At open-air cinema in Dunavski Park, on Thursday, 11th June, at 9.15 pm there will be the film The Secret of Kells, an animated saga which brings to life the magic world of Irish mythology through truly magical story about a twelve-year-old boy who is about to experience numerous adventures, fights with Vikings, dangerous mythical creatures and traps of enchanted forest. After The Secret of Kells at 11.15 pm there will be the projection of the film Roskilde, a musical documentary from Planet Rock selection.

At the third open-air cinema in Mileticeva Street, at 9.15 pm there will be the projection of the film My Only Sunshine, a cruel story about emotional and sexual abuse over a young girl by the director Reha Erdem, which is a première from the selection Respect to Turkey. At 11.15 pm there will be a film from Democracy: Export - Import selection called Burma VJ.

At the big hall of Pozoriste Mladih at 8 pm the film The Loves of a Blonde by world famous director Miloš Forman will be shown, and at 10 pm the film Shell, an emotional film portrait, a sincere story about an unusually withdrawn young man by the Turkish poet, screenwriter and director Uygar Asan.

At the same location in the small hall, beginning at 6.30 there will be the film Slow Days by the director Matija Kluković, and after that at 8.30 there will be an animated film by Bill Plympton, Mondo Plympton, and at 10.30 pm there will be projections of films from Up to 10,000 Bucks selection.

At Art cinema Vojvodina in SPENS there will be two projections from New Latino Film selection. At 8 pm the film Empty Nest by Daniel Burman will be shown, and later at 10 pm the film Insignificant Things by Andrea Martinez.

Enjoy the film programme of Cinema City festival for Thursday, 11th June!