18/05/2009 17:00


Denmark, 2008, 93 min.
Director: Ulrik Wivel
Cast: Gabriel Pontones
Selection: PLANET ROCK

Within Planet Rock selection, the visitors of Cinema City festival will have the opportunity to see a fascinating musical documentary by Danish director Ulrik Wivel, about one of the biggest music festivals in the world - Roskilde.

Every year, lovers of good sound from all over the world gather to have fun and experience great energy and unforgettable atmosphere of Roskilde festival. The film shows the festival's experiences from different perspectives, from the point of view of organisers, participants, i.e. artists, volunteers who work during the festival and visitors of this music event.

Don't miss out on seeing Roskilde, in all the complexity of a system such as one of the most famous music manifestations in the world.