24/06/2011 11:45

Renowned director Béla Tarr at Cinema City festival

Bela Tarr’s latest feature “The Turin Horse” will have its Serbian premiere tonite at 20h, hall 2, Cineplex Arena. It is another film from the Homage to Foreign Author selection. Awarded at this year’s Berlinale, “The Turin Horse” (A torinói ló) has all the signature marks of his original style, including long shots, black-and-white photography and almost complete lack of dialogue.

“Turin. January 3rd, 1889. Friedrich Nietzsche comes out of his house at Via Carlo Albert, no. 6. Not far from him, a driver of an elegant coach is having problems with his stubborn horse. Despite his efforts the horse refuses to move. The driver starts whipping it. Nietzsche runs over and hugs a horse around his neck, crying and trying to protect him and put a stop to a brutal scene. His landlord comes out of the house, joins him and brings him back inside. For two days Nietzsche lay motionless, than he mumbled his last words and continued his existence for another 10 years, in silence, sinking ever deeper in dementia. We don’t know what happened to the horse.” This is how Bela Tarr describes the beginning of his film in which he tries to discover what actually happened to the horse that Nietzsche tried to protect. “The Turin Horse” is a story of a family which survives thanks to that horse and their destinies after it is overwhelmed.

Before the screening, the audience will have a chance to greet this famous author who will be awarded a special recognition honoring his contribution to world cinematography. Tiziana Finzi, selector of the Festival will present the award.