31/08/2017 07:27

Press Conference about the Gradić Fest Concept and Programmes of All Partner Organizations

We proudly invite you to attend our press conference, which will be held on September 1 at 6 PM, in the open-air cinema at the Cinema City Festival, in Vladimira Nazora Street, Petrovaradin.

On this occasion, we will once again present the concept of the Gradić Fest, and our visitors will have an opportunity to learn more about the projects run by all the participating partners.

The conference delegates to talk about the joint mission to revitalize Podgrađe in Petrovaradin Fortress by restoring its architectural heritage and cultural life in Gradić are Dalibor Rožić, a member of the City Council for Culture, Natali Beljanski Popović, the director of the Street Musicians Festival, Milos Ignjatović, the director of the Cinema City Festival, Bojana Karavidić from Suburbium, Leon Šurbatović from Ugrip, Andy Lee from 360gutschein.de, Katarina Dajč from Scenatoria, and Andrija Nikitović, from Pop Up.

The PR manager of the Street Musicians Festival, Lea Kotlica, will serve as the Conference moderator.

The fact that the only reason we go to Gradić is to reach the Fortress has been a problem for decades, and it could be completely different! We imagine Podgrađe as a neat baroque town on the Danube, with a spirit and atmosphere that still cultivates, nourishes and reflects the times when it was established – the early 18th century. The densely-packed houses with their ornate facades and narrow streets paved with cobblestone, the beautiful church at the foot of the monumental walls of the Fortress and the legendary Belgrade Gate inspire themselves romantic feelings and encourage impulses towards art and adventure. This place could be a spot that brings together artists and old craftsmen, and attracts the most refined gastronomes; the place where new loves are born and first photos of our children chasing pigeons are taken; the spot where tourists flock not only to climb the Fortress, the place that inspires poetry.

The Gradić Fest concept was formulated by joining the efforts, knowledge, experiences, ideas and capacities of a number of partner organizations that share the same values (the Street Musicians Festival, Cinema City International Film Festival, Pop Up (Berberaj & Public P), Scenatoria, Suburbium, Fruškać, Happy Trash Production, Ugrip, and AAaaa festival).

The idea to join our efforts emerged when the Street Musicians Festival moved to Podgrađe. This initiative was heartily welcomed by numerous organizations, festivals and individuals who wanted to take part in revamping of this long-neglected site. The major goal of the partner organizations gathered under the auspices of the Gradić Fest is to establish a new festival together, and be part of an entirely new, cutting-edge art story.

This vision of Podgrađe as an exciting art and tourist quarter, and a natural extension of the main pedestrian zone in Novi Sad, will once again become reality during the three days of the Gradić Fest – a time when music, cinema, art and entertainment will rock together on the Gradić streets. As was the case in the previous years, numerous performers from Serbia and the region, Europe, America and other geographically remote countries will take part in the Festival programme, which features anything and everything form music gigs, theatre performances, ambient spectacles, and film and video screenings, to art installations and landscape interventions, to workshops, conferences, lectures and organized tours.

The Gradić Fest venues are located in: Beogradska Street, Lisinski Street, Vladimir Nazor and Štrosmajerova Streets, St. Nikolay Square, Rapmin put (the path that extends from the Provincial Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Vojvodina to the Fortress staircase) and the green areas behind the Belgrade Gate.

All the festival events are free of charge.

We build the city because we live here!