07/06/2010 09:14

Premieres on the third day of the Festival

Tonight don’t miss the opportunity of attending the premiere of an exciting thriller starring one of our most renowned directors, Emir Kusturica. Christian Carion’s “Farewell”, which premieres at Katolicka porta open-air cinema tonite at 21:15h, tells a story on one of the biggest espionage affairs of the 20th century, named after the codename French Secret Service assigned to their Moscow contact. The role of KGB Lieutenant Sergei Gregoriev is played by our famous director Emir Kusturica who, according to programme selector Dubravka Lakic, gave this character almost Shakespearian dimension. The story takes place in Moscow, during first half of the 1980s, at the height of Cold War. Sergei Gregoriev, high officer of the KGB decides to rebel against current government and bring down existing Soviet regime. Discreetly he manages to make contact with Pierre Froment, French engineer working in Moscow and gradually begins conveying top secret data which instantly drew attention of western intelligence services. François Mitterrand himself was informed on this and decides to consult with US president Reagan. For two whole years Gregoriev managed to hide his activities from KGB asking nothing in return, since he considered money to be a capitalist invention. He simply followed his destiny so that a new world might dawn for his countrymen and his son.

After Christian Carion’s film, at the same location, at 23:15h, comes yet another premiere from Exit Point selection, called “Winter’s Bone”. Debra Granik’s winning drama at this year’s Sundance Film Festival puts seventeen-year-old Ree Dolly at the epicenter of a highly tense narrative. “Winter’s Bone” describes in the best possible way archetypical transition from childhood to adulthood and this time hero of the story is a young girl. Overcoming seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, she redefines deeply rooted attitudes towards family and loyalty and discovers her own basin of strength. Debra Granik’s directing colorfully depicts this family drama while astoundingly convincing acting and remarkable visual details manage to describe the texture and rhythm of the world where myth is constantly intermingling with nature. The film was well received at festivals such as Sundance and Berlinale.

Third day of the Festival brings another anime premiere, this time it is “Genius Party Beyond” which will screen at Dunavski park open air-cinema at 23:15h. Genius Party Beyond is a second part of omnibus by Japanese production company “Studio 4oC” (the studio was allegedly named after the temperature at which water density is the highest), known for its efforts to connect independent animation with mainstream anima aesthetics. The concept of presenting different visions and anima aesthetics was also applied in the first installment, “Genius Party” from 2007 when 7 different directors tried to lay a foundation for the future of Japanese animation. “Genius Party Beyond” from 2008 presents 5 directors who, in five short films, try to deliver different, vivid visions of this original project.