17/06/2011 09:04

Planet Rock selection – music films

Planet Rock selection

Planet Rock in its fourth edition explores the giants of the rock scene and the golden age of rock music, but also modern rock music which holds the ability to change, mutate and be equally mesmerizing as it was 50 years ago.

When You’re Strange” is a documentary on one of the greatest bands of the 20th century: The Doors. The film introduces the recordings never-before-published and follows their journey, from their very beginnings, through golden moments, to Jim Morrison’s tragic demise.

In 1975 band The Who signed one of the most significant music films ever – the rock opera “Tommy”. This critically acclaimed film and a huge box office hit will take us back into the times of rock giants.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star, members of the greatest rock band of all times, tried to deliver a part of the beatlemania magic onto the big screen in their second film “Help!”.

Based on David Bowie’s life and career and the golden days of glam rock, Todd Haynes created an alternate biography of Ziggy Stardust through the character of  Velvet Goldmine, another one of Bowie’s incarnations.

Bijelo Dugme” is the band which brought Yugoslav rock music to a stadium level. Mixing the influences of Led Zeppelin, The Who, but later adding in style from new wave bends, Goran Bregovic and company created a phenomenon which, from today’s point of view, seems almost surreal. Huge tours, sex, drugs and rock and roll in a Balkan way.

Clearly, every decade has its heroes. "Scenes From The Suburbs" by Spike Jonze is here to prove it. It brings closer the mood of the cult album Suburbs, one of the most significant bands today, multiple winners and guest of this year’s Exit festival, Arcade Fire.

It you want to see a funny and entertaining version of what’s it like to create a rock band in Serbia, go and see Vanja Kovacevic’s film “A Star is Born”.