18/05/2009 16:44


A film spectacle, on the big screens in open-air cinema at Cinema City festival will be presented within Planet Rock selection. There has been an expansion of musical films in recent years, and stories about music stars, famous festivals and legendary bands, whose exciting biographies and careers attract great attention of the public, have been recorded. Some of the best creations will be projected from 6th to 14th June in Novi Sad.

After Glastonbury, Cinema City's audience will have an opportunity to have a glimpse of the wild atmosphere at one of the biggest musical festivals Roskilde, which is also the name of a film by a Danish director Ulrik Wivel. In film Depeche Mode 101 a group of fans is on their journey from dreams, they are travelling with the bend on their famous tour in 1989. Cinema City will present a documentary film EKV - As It Once Was, by Dusan Vesic, a heartbreaking testimony of art, life and death of a generation which marked the music of one country and one period.

Documentary Clash: Westway to The World is a cult band's look at their seven-year-long career during which they marked rock music, fifteen years after they split. There is another creation that leads us through history of music. Punk: Attitude directed by Don Letts through stories of modern and now already legendary representatives of popular culture, brings the original look at punk movement, combining interviews and well-known archival footages of performances.

Cinema City will present an unforgettable documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad, story about the challenges one heavy metal band is facing while trying to function and create normally in a war-torn city, under bombs. French duo Justice lovers will have a chance to see an impressive documentary from their American tour in 2008 called Justice - Across the universe.